What Is HireUp Funnels?

Hire up Funnels is your all-in-one CRM recruitment funnel software solution that seamlessly integrates recruitment and recruitment marketing with employer branding on cutting edge automation.

  • Set rules to tailor the platform's usage to your needs.
  • Streamline recurring tasks with intelligent decision logic.
  • Empower your recruiters to focus on amplifying efficiency and dedicating more personal attention to high-impact tasks.

A HireUp recruitment funnel software is a systematic way new candidates go through the six steps of the recruitment cycle. It provides a structured framework for recruitment, ensuring your candidates have a great experience. While re-engaging candidates that fell out of the recruitment cycle, delivering more qualified candidates to your job offer. 

It starts the minute a candidate clicks on your advertisement, guides your candidates to your job offer, and ends at the onboarding stage of the employee life cycle.

Nurture meaningful connections with candidates throughout the recruitment cycle and optimize your recruitment team's efficiency, setting the stage for scalable growth.

The 4 Part Framework


Workflow Process Automation

Elevate efficiency with our workflow and process automation—simplifying even the most intricate tasks for your recruitment  team. Imagine your top recruiter mentoring every team member, seamlessly guiding them through each candidate's recruitment journey. That's the power we bring to your fingertips.


Communication Automation

Boost your recruitment team's productivity with our omni-channel communication platform. Seamlessly juggle your tasks while nurturing candidate connections and amplifying engagement with your companies tailored messages. Dive into a world where efficiency meets relationship-building.


Accountability Co-Pilot

Never miss a beat with our in-built Co-Pilot, designed to maximize accountability and efficiency. If a new candidate isn't contacted in 15 minutes, our system sends reminders, that can escalate to management. Keep your recruitment efforts streamlined, protect your advertising investment, and show candidates you value their time.


Measure & Act On Candidate Experience Data

Discover deeper insights with our tailor-made surveys designed just for your company. Dive into the minds of candidates and employees, unlocking a comprehensive understanding of your recruitment cycle journey. Seamlessly align these surveys with your company brand's identity and voice. Identify crucial touchpoints where potential hires may waver, and uncover their genuine feelings about joining your ranks. In just a few questions, gain a panoramic view of candidate contentment, employee cohesion, and overarching performance, spotlighting avenues for refinement and growth in your hiring.

Imagine What You Can Achieve With...

A Guided Process: 

Navigate your recruitment with confidence, ensuring your gold-standard practices and business guidelines are diligently adhered to, leaving no candidate overlooked. Experience consistent and dependable outcomes, setting the benchmark for every recruiter on your team, today and tomorrow.

Adjustable Technology:

Tailor to human nuances, guaranteeing personalized and captivating messages in every interaction. All while maintaining user-friendly simplicity and shortening the learning curve for your recruitment team. Technology will no longer hold your recruitment team hostage in the day to day work. 

Amplify Efficiency And Growth:

Across your recruiting team with a unified recruitment cycle. This not only ignites immediate hiring results but also fosters profound candidate engagement, laying the foundation for a robust employer brand that magnetizes future talent and increases your recruitment teams efforts tenfold.

Right Job To Candidate Match: 

Ensure more candidates make it to the job offer, giving your team a better choice to hire to make the best for your company. Cultivate a dynamic team of high performing employees, committed to your company's values, poised to propel your business to unprecedented success.

We Are Part Of AI Powered Recruiter

An AI Recruitment Agency


HireUp Funnels is a CRM recruitment funnel software solution optimized for recruitment and recruitment marketing with automation. The platform streamlines recurring tasks and empowers recruiters. It ensures candidates get a great experience throughout the 6 steps of the recruitment cycle, even those that fall out. The framework includes workflow and communication automation and an accountability co-pilot. The software also offers surveys to gain insights into the candidate experience. HireUp Funnels is part of AI Powered Recruiter, an AI recruitment agency. The website includes resources such as blog posts, interviews, and integrations. It follows ethical AI practices and has a privacy and cookie policy.

What is HireUp Funnels?

HireUp Funnels is an all-in-one CRM recruitment funnel software solution that integrates recruitment and recruitment marketing with employer branding on automation.

What features does it offer?

HireUp Funnels offers workflow and communication automation, an accountability co-pilot, and surveys to gain insights into the candidate experience.

What is the recruitment cycle?

The recruitment cycle refers to the process a candidate goes through, from clicking on an advertisement to onboarding as an employee.

What is the purpose of HireUp Funnels?

The purpose of HireUp Funnels is to streamline recruitment tasks, empower recruiters, and ensure a great candidate experience throughout the recruitment cycle.

What is the 4-Part Framework?

The 4-Part Framework includes Workflow Process Automation, Communication Automation, Accountability Co-Pilot, and Measure and Act on Candidate Experience Data.

What is AI Powered Recruiter?

AI Powered Recruiter is an AI recruitment agency, of which HireUp Funnels is a part.

What resources are available on the website?

The website offers blog posts, information on AI-Powered Recruiter, an overview of the 4-Part Framework, and resources from Forbes.

Are there ethical considerations with the use of AI in recruitment?

Yes, HireUp Funnels follows ethical AI practices and has a privacy and cookie policy.

What is the purpose of the surveys?

The surveys are designed to gain insights into the candidate’s experience and measure contentment, cohesion, and performance during the recruitment cycle.